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Taking care of our Talents

Taking care of our Talents
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The main asset of John Cockerill is the men and women who make up its teams and who are also its main ambassadors around the world. That’s why John Cockerill puts so much energy into taking care of them on a daily basis. It thereby pays constant attention to their safety and health at work, provides them with individual and collective recognition, and sets up training plans and motivating career paths. It also provides them with a pleasant working environment, as well as an adequate organization and resources. The actions taken in 2020 attest to this: the bond between John Cockerill and its teams has been undoubtedly stronger than ever at the end of this very special year.

Safety in the face of Covid-19

Faced with the health situation in 2020, John Cockerill has taken all the necessary measures to allow its employees to serve their customers in optimal safety conditions. After the periods of lock-down, during which teleworking tools were widely deployed, the face-to-face work infrastructures were specifically adapted. Protective equipment (masks and hydroalcoholic solutions) were made available. Health protocols have been defined for each work configuration encountered (in the office, on mission, in the workshop, on site). Every employee has been invited to attend a training course about all these safety measures. As a result, and according to their own statements, employees felt as safe at work as they do at home. Compliance with the measures that have been put in place has thereby also made it possible to avoid infections in our activity sites, while maintaining our activities and relationships with customers.

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Further improvement in safety performance

John Cockerill achieved an excellent performance with regard to safety in 2020, with a frequency rate of 2.03 (up 11% compared to 2019) and a severity rate of 0.072 (up 22% compared to 2019). “These results are even better than the exceptional figures of 2014,” Gérard, EHS Director of the Group, is happy to say. “It can be said that safety is in our DNA. Behind each figure, each statistic, there hides a human life. We have reduced the frequency rate by ten over the past 20 years. This constant evolution is truly part of our corporate culture.”

These performances have been reinforced by several re-certifications obtained in 2020, such as ISO 45001 relating to quality and safety or the environmental management standard ISO 14001, which John Cockerill has obtained continuously since 2002. Great rewards for the daily work of the teams.

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5,176 Talents are stronger together

On December 31, 2020, John Cockerill had 5,176 employees with nearly 50 nationalities in 24 countries. 35% are workers, 33% are employees or technicians, 31% are managers. 57% are under 45 years old. 29% have more than ten years of service with John Cockerill. 13% are women. Together, strong in their unity and diversity, everyone contributes to the same strategic objective, to the same mission: to deploy large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of our time.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, John Cockerill was able to welcome new employees, in particular to support its ambitions in renewable energies. To those already present in its ranks, it has been able to offer new perspectives, accompanying them in an internal change of the perimeter. Despite the complicated health situation, it even managed to propose an expatriation to some of them. Always with the same goal: for everyone to flourish professionally and be able to give the best of themselves.

Over 10 year in-house
employees or technicians
sustainable engagement rate
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The pride shared in video

In 2020, two internal initiatives enabled employees to share the pride they have in working at John Cockerill. As part of the “Vamos” video campaign, project leaders expressed their enthusiasm and passion, and called on their colleagues to mobilize for the success of their project. Likewise, the 2020 edition of the internal innovation competition, the “John Cockerill Awards” was a great vintage. Around thirty projects were highlighted, in the categories Technologies, Commercial advances, Continuous improvement and Health, Safety, Environment. Laurence, Project manager: “Although the pandemic has turned the way people live and work upside down, it has also been a tremendous trigger for innovation. This was very clearly seen in the candidate projects, as well as in the format, digital and audiovisual, that this 6th edition of the competition took.” Vamos and the John Cockerill Awards, two magnificent recognition vectors for the teams of John Cockerill.

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2020 John Cockerill Award Winners to be presented in January 2021

Commercial successes

  • Development of hydrogen activities, a lever for decarbonisation,
    in Australia
  • John Cockerill Defense selected for French programme SERKET

Health, safety, environment

  • John Cockerill Foundation’s solidarity actions
  • John Cockerill India’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic


  • SARA, an all-in-one acid regeneration unit specially adapted for small capacity facilities
  • Eagle Eye Coating™, a coating innovation that offers an unequaled flatness for continuously galvanized steel strips and a unique control of the coating weight

Continuous improvement

  • 1st hot rolled coil with zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating
    magnesium coating and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Industry 4.0

People’s Choice Awards

Development of hydrogen business in Australia, welcoming a commercial breakthrough in a country where John Cockerill was not yet present.


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Helping teleworkers to find a new balance

Due to the pandemic, the digitization of John Cockerill has seen a boost in 2020. Teleworking, the deployment of which started in 2019, has become the norm. Many initiatives have been carried out to support employees in this movement. Online training was provided to help them immerse themselves in their new “digital workstation” and take ownership of Teams, Stream, and other digital tools. Internal video channels have been created. Podcasts on the John Cockerill technologies, didactic capsules on effective teleworking, tutorials on new tools… all kinds of new media have emerged. Conclusion: our employees have progressively found a new personal balance, thanks to which they have been able to maintain their individual and collective performance, maintain their team dynamics, and perpetuate the entrepreneurial spirit that is so characteristic of the teams of John Cockerill.

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Developing the leaders of today and tomorrow

Launched in 2019, the Leadership@JohnCockerill development program continued into 2020. This initiative aims to help managers adapt their practices to the needs of today’s Talents, and align them with the core values of John Cockerill. Anne-Laure, HR Business Partner: “After a first individual phase in 2019, 168 participants became involved in joint training in 2020. The strengths of these interactions: the discussion of the new things learned and the exchanges between pairs. The sharing of experiences with colleagues was particularly appreciated”. With this program, John Cockerill is investing in its talents, not only to develop its leaders for today and tomorrow, but also to maintain and strengthen its corporate culture.

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