Financial performance 2020

2020: financial results maintained

2020: financial results maintained
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Thanks to the responsiveness of the organization and the effectiveness of the measures taken, John Cockerill’s level of activity has broadly held up. Our model, based on the broad diversity of our customer industries, geographical locations, and technologies once again played in our favor.

In a context of economic slowdown, our financial results are closely linked to the resilience of our teams.

Highlighting 3 figures

Net cash position (in million Euros)
Shareholders' equity (in million Euros)
Turnover (in billion Euros)

General results

In thousand € 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Shareholders' equity 282 369 262 671 131 144 103 232 114 674
Cash flow 268 741 96 254 114 625 67 073 182 120
Order entries 1 446 225 1 123 056 1 171 521 1 154 278 918 255
Turnover 1 227 119 933 665 1 296 897 1 259 699 1 014 254
EBITDa 130 415 84 151 107 783 81 413 54 299

The data that has been presented since 2015 has been that of the Consortium, consisting of all sectors of activity of the Group and its real estate activity. Given the percentage of the stake held (directly or indirectly) by the Consortium in each of the subsidiaries included in the consolidation scope, the majority of the Consortium’s companies are consolidated by the global integration method.

This data is published in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The application of these standards guarantees a homogeneous consolidation of the Group’s accounts throughout its scope. It also allows the readability and international understanding of its performance. All the financial data is available in the Group’s Financial Report.

Cash flow

Thanks to the renegotiation of payment plans with some significant customers and the early collection of receivables, the Group’s cash position improved significantly in 2020.

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The significant increase in John Cockerill’s equity in 2020 positively reinforces the Group’s solvency level.

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Despite a significant decline in new orders, the Group managed to achieve a turnover in excess of € 1 billion. The Services and Defense sectors are the main players.

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Order entries

The health crisis brought the level of order intake below €1 billion in 2020, down 20% on the previous year. The Services activities stand out positively, with a significant order in the Ivory Coast.

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The health crisis naturally played an important role in the decline in the consolidated EBITDa of the Group. However, despite a very complicated operating environment, the Group can be pleased to have ended the 2020 financial year with a positive EBIT (5.3%). We owe this above all to the dedication of fantastic teams who have remained united in the face of adversity to protect the Group’s results. The plans to return structurally challenged entities to profitability and the use of the support measures put in place by the various governments also contributed to this result.

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